Charlie Indigo



My blog is a compilation of notes to self. I reached a certain level of exhaustion. When I felt like I had to continuously tell or teach others how to love and treat me. I taught myself to become unfamiliar with toxic cycles and how to love myself wholeheartedly. That “I’m used to it” mentality had to go and now I know when enough is enough. I refuse to let people walk over me or treat me like I’m less than. If it doesn’t serve me, better me or prepare me then it doesn’t deserve me. I now understand that after the first mistake it’s no longer a mistake, it becomes a decision. The only person I ever lost that I needed back was myself and from this day forward I promise myself that I’ll never forget who I am.



Charlie Indigo is known to not be afraid of confrontation or situations where she’ll stand out and is very organized; she knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it! Fashion is a huge part of her life, but photography and graphic design is even more important to her. She enjoys everything beauty and finding ways to help others love themselves wholeheartedly. Charlie has a strong passion for urban & street style fashion. Overall, Charlie is very confident, determined and when it comes to style perspective, she’s known to be a natural leader.
Always on the cutting edge of cool, Charlie is the ultimate fashionista/stylista! After checking out the latest fashion mags, the trendiest boutiques and thrift stores. Charlie always manages to put together looks that are completely unique, yet trendy. She makes a statement by just being who she is.

How could you not love this quirky and confident girl?  




Charlie gets most of her inspiration from TV shows Gossip Girl and Sex & The City. Also that she loves Architecture, Interior Design, Museums and Poetry just as much as she does Fashion and Photography. Lastly she’s the biggest lover of love.