I <3 self awareness

Let me run game on y’all real quick. Okay. Say when you like somebody, never be to jumpy or desperate. That’s the sign of weakness. It gives the impression that the person can take advantage of you or treat you like shit because you’re afraid to losing them. In the event that you guys decide to pursue something. I personally don’t want a partner who’s afraid to lose me. I want someone who wants to be with me, however if I don’t treat that said person with respect, loyalty and love in which he or she knows they deserve; they’ll have the strength to leave me in a heartbeat. If I don’t meet a woman or man who has the strength to love themselves over everything else, how am I going to grow as a woman? You have to encounter someone who reflects your strengths and succeeds your strengths, for you to gain strength. A partner who will let you know you ain’t shit, if you ain’t on your shit. If you never meet somebody who checks you on your bullshit you will remain stagnant in those toxic ways. Ultimately, you are going to end up with someone just as toxic as you which is going to result in you having an unhappy life.

Charlie Indigo#Self, #Aware