Cyntoia Brown

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Cyntoia Brown

Cyntoia Brown will be freed! Thanks to everyone that fought for, shined light on, posted, signed petitions and so on… to make this happen.

And now she’s going to need support more than ever before. To be held in confinement for that long and then related into the real world, is not an easy transition. I really hope everyone keep this same energy for this young lady and makes sure her transition is just as important as her release. Co-creation at its finest.

This is a time as a community we have to ban together for this soul. We rallied to get her out, bow we need to rally to keep her mind, body and spirit in alignment while she’s out. I pray we all can lend what we have and help her ease back into society.

Because she’ll still be confined as they’re releasing her with a noose around her neck. Ten years of probation means she can’t move without an overseer. And the fact that she still won’t be released until August isn’t right but to keep thing positive she’s going to need a support system once she’s back in the reality of things.