Why do you think relationships fail?

Why do you think relationships fail? 

Relationships are known to fail for many reasons, such as: pride/ego, lack of communication, temptations even insecurities. People fail to realize that’s just surface level and it gets a lot deeper than that. As a whole people usually aren’t prepared for what it actually takes to be in a strong healthy committed relationship. I say this because most people don’t get how every connection starts within themselves. Along with not understanding their partners love language, even their own for that matter. 

Relationships require work and sadly people are lazy, selfish even. In order to get that desired result of being happy you must do things like compromise, make sacrifices and love unconditionally. Relationships fail because we’re not ready to invest all it takes to make it work. We want everything easy. People don’t really want a partner for life they want someone in this very instant. When the excitement fades so does that “bond”. Leaving the other person stuck. No one ever truly prepares us for the mundane. We don’t let our love grow and let go before we even give it time. You have to feed your relationship as you would feed yourself. 

Right now relationships are nothing more than convenience. It’s not love we’re looking for, it’s simply for the thrill of life. People go into relationships searching for validation which is a no go. Love starts from within, yet loves reality is that you cannot be truly happy without being in a relationship. And that causes major problems because people are searching for love in all the wrong places. Hoping to get what they personally lack from their partner and that’s selfish. A lot of relationships are based on selfish love. We love someone based on what they can do for us not what we can do for them. Although a relationship is give and take most people enter it in hope of what they can gain from it. We think, how does this person make me feel, what can I get out of this relationship and once they stop supplying those things we stop loving them. A major key is that you must put in the same work effort that you expect your partner to give you in to them. 

Last thing because I can go on and on but people lack the ability to realize that everyone’s love language is different. Love can be expressed in so many forms. People are so stuck in their ways that they only accept it in the way that’s familiar to them. Where’s the growth? How do you expect your relationship to truly stand a chance if you only accept things from your level of expectation? Try to learn a new love language. Being one-sided won’t go far. A partnership is all about a middle ground. 

Give your partner permission to be themselves. 

Allow them to flourish. 

Love them for who they are. 

Do the same for yourself. 

Allow yourself permission to be any and everything. 

We are all under the assumption that love is painful. It doesn’t have to hurt. It doesn’t even have to be hard! Allow yourself to love to your hearts full potential. Being in love is easy, being in a relationship is work. When you understand how to balance emotion and commitment, then you’re ready to build with someone outside of yourself. Put it in the right hands while you fall. Gravity got you.