Throat Chakra Stones

Learning how to use chakra stones is one thing. Learning about individual healing stones’ meanings, associations, and purposes is another. As the fifth of the seven foundational chakras, the throat chakra is the main hub of emotion and expression. It governs creativity and your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

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Throat Chakra Stones and Their Meanings

It is important to remember all crystals and gemstones have their own properties, including vibrational frequency, so it is important to read up on stones before using them. Take your time to find the one that best suits you as well as the energy frequency of the throat chakra.

Here is a brief list of common healing crystals and chakra stones for throat chakra healing. Listed is the name, color, type of stone, and meaning/purpose of each:

  • Amazonite — Green and turquoise-green — Semi-precious — Dispels and guards against negativity while restoring emotional balance.

  • Lapis lazuli — Blue — Semi-precious — Used to open, stimulate, and balance. This “stone of truth” restores your ability to communicate effectively.

  • Turquoise — Blue, green-blue — Semi-precious — Used to stimulate and balance. Dispels negativity and restores confidence to speak and express one’s thoughts effectively.

  • Aquamarine — Light green-blue to blue — Semi-precious — Used to cleanse and stimulate. Offers courage and promotes tolerance and compassion while dispelling fear.

How to Use Chakra Stones for Healing the Throat Chakra?

Cleansed and charged healing stones work best when worn as jewelry or placed over the chakra in need of balancing. Restorative effects may be gained with either approach.

Patience is key. It can take a while for imbalanced throat chakra symptoms to completely subside.

When to use healing stones for the throat chakra?

Associated with the color blue, the throat chakra also influences several physiological functions of the body, including the hypothalamus, thyroid, and all issues associated with the mouth and throat.

Other areas the throat chakra affects are your ability to:

  • speak truth

  • be empathetic

  • make sound decisions

When energy flow through the throat chakra falls out of sync, your body will react in a number of ways — most of which will resonate from the throat area. The most common physical symptoms associated with an imbalanced throat chakra include:

  • thyroid problems

  • sore throat

  • mouth ulcers

  • neck ache

  • hearing difficulty

  • ear ache

In addition, several non-physical signs can emerge even when there’s no physical signs at all. Common issues in this area can include:

  • inability to express thoughts

  • compulsive talking

  • timidity or shyness

  • insensitivity

  • dishonesty

Consider integrating crystals for the throat chakra in addition to a healthy diet, exercising, and meditating to achieve and maintain chakra balance.