Waxing Moon

The Moon is in its WAXING Phase as it transitions from New Moon to Full Moon – hence the illuminated portion is gradually increasing in size. 

During the Waxing phase (Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous) the energy of your New Moon ‘Intentions, Goals & Envisionings’ are building.   During this time, allow your dreams, curiosity & wonderment be your guides in bringing your Manifestation desires into form. 

Release any fears or control you may have in trying to make your Manifestation Desires happen… instead delight in the feeling of experiencing what your Manifestation Desires FEEL like from the inside out.

Invite synchronicity into your life, believe in magic, see a world more beautiful through your Heart… and surrender to the gifts of the Universe.  Know deep within your Heart that you are a Diving Being of eternal light & love and allow abundance, joy, laughter & happiness guide your days.