Feminism Exists.

With birth control & abortions becoming illegal, I just have to make it clear that this is why feminism exists. Not to hate men, be anti-men, it honestly has nothing to do with men period. Feminism exists because women, to this day in 2019, still struggle to claim their rights. The sponsors of bill 182 are uneducated on how pregnancies work. They are trying to force women to undergo ecptopic pregnancies that are both life threatening to the woman & the child! They are trying to tell women to just “move” it to the uterus when it’s literally impossible. When you take away birth control, you take away somebody’s acne medication, somebody’s menstrual regulator, somebody’s medication that helps with cramps, somebody’s medication that helps lower the risk of ovarian & uterus cancer, & somebody’s right to simply not want to reproduce.

Charlie Indigo