Crown Chakra Stones

Stones for the Crown Chakra

Here are a few healing stones frequently used to open, balance and heal the Crown chakra. Listed is the name, color, type of stone, and crystal meaning/purpose of each:

  • Selenite: Relatively Clear — Crystalline Mineral — Opens and activates the third eye, crown chakra and Soul Star, Cleanses the auric field, Clears congested energies, Lifts awareness to higher planes, Compels one to move forward in life, Helps remove stagnation.

  • Clear Quartz: Clear — Crystalline Mineral — Amplifies energy, Has memory and is programmable, Brings heightened spiritual awareness, Opens chakras, Expands consciousness, Used to communicate with guides, Encourages clarity, Amplifies psychic abilities, Stimulates the nervous system, Growth of hair and fingernails.

  • Amethyst: Purple, violet — Semi-precious –Facilitates meditation, Helps communication with ones guides and angles, Helps to understand the root cause of ones imbalance or disease, Helps reveal self destructive patterns of the ego, Helps those who feel they are not native to planet earth, Used to heal addictive behavior patterns, Helps with clarity of mind.

  • Diamond: Clear — Precious — Access to divine energies, Facilitates connection with higher domains, Promotes truth and vision, Used to clear energy fields, Can help remove density in the emotional body, Used as support stone for other minerals.

Using Chakra Healing Stones

All healing stones and crystals possess their own meanings and vibrational energy. The key is to learn how to use healing chakra stones and pair the right stone with the affected chakra.

Cleansed and charged healing stones and gems are most effective when they’re in close proximity to the affected chakra. Commonly, they are worn as jewelry or placed directly over the chakra in need of healing. There are numerous ways to incorporate healing stones into your lifestyle and environment. For instance, you may place them around your home and office space, carry them on your person, or even wear them as jewelry.

Whenever there is a blockage in the chakra system, physical and non-physical signs manifest. The Crown chakra is associated with the transcendence of our limitations, whether they are personal or bound to space and time. It is where the paradox becomes norm, where seemingly opposites are one. The quality of awareness that comes with the Crown chakra is universal, transcendent. Therefore when the Crown chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as:

  • Being disconnected to spirit, constant cynicism regarding what is sacred

  • On the opposite side, an overactive crown chakra could manifest as a disconnection with the body

  • Living in your head, being disconnected from your body and earthly matters

  • Obsessive attachment to spiritual matters

  • Closed-mindedness

The most powerful way to heal the Crown chakra is through meditation. This is because of the ties between the crown chakra and spirituality. Regular meditation practice of all sorts is beneficial. For a meditation focused on Sahasrara, envision white light pouring into the top of your head, filling your body and connecting you with the world around you. If you only have a few moments to meditate, try imagining a violet lotus flower over your crown for a simple chakra meditation.