Overactive Crown Chakra

An overactive crown chakra can make you feel out-of-sorts. When there is pronounced overactivity in the seventh energy center you may not only feel detached from the world around you, but you may also appear to others as flighty. Familiarizing yourself with symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance are necessary for cleansing and balancing this energy center.

Signs of An Overactive Crown Chakra

Seated at the top of your head, the crown, or Sahasrara, chakra links you with divine energy and blends the physical and non-physical realms. The seventh chakra also governs your consciousness and subconsciousness while it influences your spirituality, inner wisdom, and your ability to relate to your inner self and others.

When the crown chakra falls out of balance it affects how you function and relate to your environment. An overactive crown chakra can leave you vulnerable to a variety of physical and non-physical symptoms including:

  • depression

  • lack of empathy

  • dizziness

  • confusion

  • mental fogginess

  • seizures

  • light sensitivity

In some cases, an overactive crown chakra may also create feelings of superiority toward others, and aggression, as well as a tendency to be judgemental and critical of others. It is not uncommon to be distrustful of others or to feel lost — as though you’re in the midst of a crisis or have lost your way in life — when the crown chakra is too active.
In contrast, when the crown chakra is balanced you feel:

  • grounded

  • in control of your emotions

  • intuitive

  • connected to the divine

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Balancing Crown Chakra Overactivity

Restoring balance to the seventh chakra is key to maintaining a healthy balance within your chakra system overall.

Changing up your diet to include healthy, whole foods and adding regular exercise to your routine is sometimes enough to help restore balance. However, if the overactivity is prolonged or severe, energy healing may be necessary to get your chakra energy flow back on track. Incorporating the use of aromatherapy, chakra healing stones, Reiki, or even Tai Chi can help alleviate issues of chakra overactivity.

It is important to remember energy healing takes time to work, so signs and symptoms of imbalance will not subside overnight.