Overactive Heart Chakra

An overactive heart chakra can lead to a lack of discernment in relationships. Located at the center of the chakra system, the Anahata or heart chakra is often seen as the point of integration of personal and altruistic aspirations through love and relating. When this energy center is going on overdrive, it can blur the boundaries between oneself and others to the point of losing your sense of identity and misusing the power of love.

Symptoms of an Overactive Heart Chakra

It is associated with how you relate to yourself and others. Since the heart chakra is tied to emotions and love, people with overactive heart chakras are ruled by their emotions. They may be unable to regulate them, or be unable to let go of past pain.

Common symptoms of an overactive fourth chakra include:

  • Loving indiscriminately

  • Lack of proper boundaries in friendships and intimate relationships

  • Tolerating too much from others to the point of neglecting emotional self-care

  • Acceptance of others without discernment

  • Losing your sense of identity

  • Giving to others or to a cause without restraints

  • Saying yes to everything and everyone, even when it does not benefit you

  • Codependency

Physical symptoms of an overactive heart chakra may be:

  • Heart and circulatory problems like high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and heart attack

  • Lung issues

How to Balance Overactivity in the Heart Chakra

We encourage you to look at the heart chakra healing tips for comprehensive advice on how to restore balance in the heart chakra. When this energy center is weakened by circumstances or has not developped properly, it may have the tendency to become overactive or, on the contrary, blocked. These are imbalances that can be corrected by harmonizing the whole chakra system and supporting the heart chakra in developing a more healthy way to handle energy.

Chakras become overactive because they are compensating for blocked energy in other chakras, so part of healing an overactive heart chakra is to learn which other chakras are blocked and work on opening them. This can be accomplished by working on all the chakras, or by going to an intuitive or energy healer to help locate and work on the blocked chakra. Balancing all seven chakras is always beneficial.

During that process, focusing on the heart chakra alone will still help manage the symptoms. Meditation and energy healing focusing on the heart will help even out the flow of energy through it. The heart chakra is associated with the color green, so meditating on a green ball of energy in your chest or seeing green energy flow through your body can help balance your heart chakra.

Going green to Soothe Hyperactivity in the Heart Chakra

Air is the element of the Anahata or heart chakra, so getting outdoors and into nature can also help manage an overactive heart chakra. Nature and its green allure are excellent support to harmonize imbalanced energy. Hiking through the forest or simply sitting outside on a nice day restores balance. Even opening a window and letting the fresh air blow through your home or office could give you a good start.

Wearing green or pink, and surrounding yourself with these colors can also help balance the heart chakra. Wearing or meditating with healing crystals like rose quartz, jade, emerald, malachite and other green stones is also beneficial.