Yoga for the Sacral Chakra

The sacral, or second, chakra is seated just below the naval in the lower abdomen. Associated with creativity and birth, the sacral chakra is governs the reproductive organs, bladder, and kidneys. Also known as the Swadhisthana chakra, the second chakra is represented by the color orange for its characteristics of creativity, stimulation, and determination. When the second chakra is balanced, you are productive, focused, and accomplish all you set out to do.

Yoga for One Chakra (Sacral Chakra), Yoga for All

Adopting a regular yoga routine as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle benefits your overall well-being, and especially your chakra system. Yoga asanas, or postures, can dispel chakra blockages and boost healthy energy flow through the body’s energy centers. When you focus on specific chakras, the health of the entire chakra system benefits.

Basic Asanas for the Sacral Chakra

All yoga poses improve the body’s strength, stamina, and flexibility. Taken from the Sanskrit word asanam, meaning “seated posture,” asanas for the Swadhisthana chakra nurture inner acceptance of life as it is; such as feeling feelings for what they are and recognizing them as such.

To open and balance the second chakra, introduce forward bends, standing, seated, and twist asanas to your practice. Here are some examples of beneficial yoga poses for the Swadhisthana chakra:

  • Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend (Upavistha Konasana) — As this pose stimulates the abdominal organs it also strengthens the spine and opens the second chakra.

  • Cow Face (Gomukhasana) — This seated and twist position stretches your chest, arms, shoulders, legs, and core to stimulate and balance energy flow through the second energy center.

  • One-Legged King Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) — This variation of the pigeon asana stimulates the abdominal organs while stretching the chest, shoulders, and abdomen to allow for the healthy flow of energy through the second chakra.

  • Bound Angle (Baddha Konasana) — Bound angle stimulates the abdominal organs to dispel energy imbalance and open the second energy center.

  • Revolved Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana) — A variation of triangle, this asana stimulates the abdominal organs to activate the sacral chakra while stretching the spine, hips, and legs.

  • Full Boat (Paripurna Navasana) — This seated asana strengthens your core which allows for activation of, and healthy energy flow through, the second chakra.

  • Chair (Utkatasana) — Adopting this standing pose, which strengthens the abdomen and stimulates abdominal organ function, allows for the opening and activation of the second chakra.