It's always the full moon people look forward to — the culmination of all the powers that be, the spark that lights our wildest instincts, the last shove of energy that takes us over the edge. With that round, glowing rock hanging over our the sky, everything feels more magical, even if you don't believe in magic. But what about when the moon decides to take a hiatus? The night becomes a thick shadow without the moon's mystical gleam but the stars pop through the darkness much brighter. There's something calm about this time, something renewing, as though nothing is expected from us and we're allowed to simply "be." There's a reason behind that tranquility and the spiritual meaning of a new moon is in fact just as important as that of the full moon.

Because the Earth, the sun, and the moon are all perfectly in line, the tides are at their highest and their lowest during both the full and new moon. Both of these moons are the most defining phases of the lunar cycle and even water (the element that governs our emotions) is transformed by its stunning energy. To put it simply: The full moon is all about completion and the new moon is just the beginning, always with our eternal spirit in mind.

Think Of It This Way:

The new moon is a birth. As the waxing phase journeys on, the moon grows and matures until its reaches its ripest point: the full moon. As the waning phase recedes our moon, turning it into a thin crescent, then dissolving it completely, that birth has become a death.

Each lunar cycle, we are continually reincarnated. Our spirits are filled with strength, ideas, power, and courage as the full moon builds and then as it dissipates, we are relieved of that power. It's during a new moon that we can ruminate on our decisions, on our experiences, and rejuvenate ourselves so that we can start all over again.


New Moon Phase

The new moon represents the beginning of our 29 day lunar month. During a New Moon, the moon is roughly sitting between the Earth & the Sun, hence the Sun is shining on the ‘dark side of the moon’, the side of the moon we never see.  As a result, we cannot see the moon as the side that faces the Earth is not illuminated. 

Both the Moon & Sun are in the same Zodiac sign during a New Moon… giving an exponential boost or concentration of the energy.

The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle.  In the darkness, the fertile ground, you plant the seeds of your heartfelt desires on the New Moon, consciously focusing your Mind/Body/Spirit on the ‘feeling’ of your desires.

Consider personal meditation and writing down your intentions & inner-most heartfelt Manifestation Desires for the new lunar cycle.  Sign your Manifestation Desires with the affirmation ‘And it is So’.  Proclaim your manifestation desires to the Universe by saying or chanting them aloud.   After your ceremony, place your handwritten manifestations desires on your personal crystal alter or bedside table or even under your pillow

The new moon is symbolic of the second chance we are given over and over again. If everything went wrong by the time of the full moon and we made every mistake we could have possibly made, the new moon gifts us with a clean slate. This is why the new moon is the perfect time to meditate, journal, organize, and plan our next move. The new moon's purifying energy is there to aid us in our reflection.

On a new moon, it's always a good idea to write down your intentions for the upcoming month and ask the universe for assistance in realizing them. 

What you’ll need;

  • Sea salt

  • Sage leaves or a sage smudge stick

  • 1 White candle

  • Pen and paper

  • Any herbs or essential oils that you love (optional)


Light the sage, allow the smoke to wash over your body. Cleanse your space. Once the smoke has filled every corner of your home or room, open a window to allow the negative energy to escape.


Draw yourself a hot bath and pour the sea salt, herbs, and a few drops of the essential oils into the water. Take time to relax.

  • Perhap: imagining a white light surrounding you, removing all the toxic thoughts, feelings, and attitudes from your body.

  • Once you are finished, think that as the water disappears down the drain, your negative energy goes with it.


Sit at your table, light the candle, and write down your intentions in a positive manner, as though they've already been manifested.

For example, you would write, "I am a beautiful, hard working painter" instead of "I won't be impatient while I'm painting." The wording here is very important; any negative words like "can't", "won't", or "not" will obscure your true intentions.


Take time to meditate on your intentions then let the candle burn all the way through or until you think your message have been received. (Do not leave candle unattended).

  • Tape the paper to your mirror or keep it on your bedside table so you'll always be reminded of them.

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Waxing Moon

The Moon is in its  waxing phase as it transitions from New Moon to Full Moon – hence the illuminated portion is gradually increasing in size. 

During the Waxing phase (Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous) the energy of your New Moon ‘Intentions, Goals & Envisionings’ are building.   During this time, allow your dreams, curiosity & wonderment be your guides in bringing your Manifestation desires into form. 

Release any fears or control you may have in trying to make your Manifestation Desires happen… instead delight in the feeling of experiencing what your Manifestation Desires FEEL like from the inside out.

Invite synchronicity into your life, believe in magic, see a world more beautiful through your Heart… and surrender to the gifts of the Universe.  Know deep within your Heart that you are a Diving Being of eternal light & love and allow abundance, joy, laughter & happiness guide your days.


Full Moon

The full moon marks the mid-point of our 29 day lunar cycle. During a Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun, fully illuminated by the light of the Sun. Hence the Moon & Sun are on opposite sides of the zodiac during a Full Moon… which can make for a challenging or intense aspect of energy but also a very potent potential as the Lunar & Solar (yin & yang) are in natural harmonic balance.

The energy of a Full Moon (influenced by the current Zodiac transit) is heightened and emotions, feelings, mental processes, dreams etc are all amplified.  When the Sun & Moon oppose each other during a Full Moon, this can cause tension & uncomfortable friction, but at the same time a greater amplification of vision & potential possibility. 

The  is a powerful time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of life itself and all you have brought into beingness.  You may feel a burning desire to express your creativity, bliss out in sensual activities and through fierce yet profoundly tender vibrations let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul.

Also have gratitude for your Manifestation Desires – for those things that you have manifested & for those things that will come into form at a later date in divine timing and for the highest good of all.  Remember, your Manifestation Desires may show up in unexpected ways and ‘look’ different to your original Desires… as your ‘feelings’ create something more beautiful, more sacred & divine for your greater purpose on Earth.   You may feel guided to bury your Manifestation Desires in honour of your surrender to a force greater than you.

The Full Moon is a great time to ‘moon bathe’ – simply sit under the light of the moon & meditate. As you breathe-in allow the moon to warm your Heart & expand the beauty of the present moment and as you breathe-out let the light of the moon transmute that which you wish to release.  

Full Moon ceremonies, either lighting a candle for yourself or coming together with others in sacred circle, is a powerful way to bring healing to the self/group and simply BE this Wave of LOVE for all Humanity & planet Earth.  I LOVE placing my crystals out under the Full Moon to cleanse their crystalline structures and infuse them with reflected solar vibrations.

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Waning Moon

The Moon is in its waning phase as it transitions from Full Moon back to New Moon – hence the illuminated portion is gradually decreasing in size. 

During the Waning phase (Gibbous, Last Quarter, Crescent) the energy is slowing moving inward, a time for inner-reflection, review and contemplation.. During this phase, from a place of non-judgement and being the ‘observer’ reflect on every aspect of your life – relationships, work, creativity, abundance, health, well-being etc..   Discern which areas of your life are in harmonic balance and flowand which areas feel stifled, strained or in a state of struggle & dis-ease.

Honour your strengths, your acomplishments, your realisations, your personal growth & expansion during this cycle.  Recognise within yourself how your personal evolutions contributes in service to something greater than you… ‘see’ how your personal ripples of love weave magic in the lives of others.

In addition, as the moon is transits through its last crescent in the days leading up the New Moon, recognise within yourself any thoughts, behaviours, negative thinking, bad habits or anxiety/stresses that have come to your attention this cycle. LOVE your shadow with wholeheart and CHOOSE to not let these ‘stories’ inhibit you from radiantly shining your light. And remember to REST & nurture YOU ahead of the next New Moon Cycle.

Step out of the Waning Moon and into the next New Moon Cycle with a fresh & awakened vision for yourself.    ‘See’ a greater potential of your Soul and have the courage to follow your Heartfelt desires.